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West Manor Estate

Our scenic venue is one of the most tranquil ceremony spots in the entire state. Surrounded by acres of beautiful farmland, West Manor delivers an awe-inspiring view of the towering Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. Our impressive array of locations on-site gives you unrivaled options and amenities.

The Estate House

At the center of West Manor Estate lies The Estate House, the dignified and majestic mansion that emanates timeless beauty. Built in 1832, the manor has entertained thousands for over 200 years. This architectural wonder is a mainstay on the estate grounds and a historical Virginia trophy. From its lush gardens to its shining glass atrium, The Estate House provides both elegance and utility as you celebrate your special day.

The Atrium

The weather never posed a threat to your special day in West Manor’s glass atrium. Whether used as a ceremony space, a reception hall, or a dance floor, the glass atrium provides a shelter from the elements while still providing the beauty of natural lighting and the estate’s incredible scenery. Even after nightfall, the atrium’s ambient lighting sets the mood perfectly either for an evening full of dancing or an elegant banquet. The ballroom and the atrium together seat up to 225 guests for receptions, while the atrium alone seats 160 for ceremonies. For cocktail style events, the combined space accommodates up to 300 guests, making West Manor’s indoor event space the perfect wedding experience.

Ceremony Meadow

Backed by the lush green hills of the beautiful Bedford County, this ceremony space offers the elegance that many brides can only dream of. The slender white columns of the pavilion contrast with the sprawling and rustic split rail fence that runs along the rolling fields behind them, creating the perfect blend of old and new. The lawn in front of the ceremony space, split down the center by an antiquated brick path and surrounded by flourishing gardens, provides enough space for up to 225 wedding guests.

The Ballroom

The warmth of the ballroom’s soft yellow walls dresses the room with a vibrant energy that perfectly complements any wedding reception. A large and exquisite staircase overlooks the ballroom, and, together with an ornate crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, provides the room with unrivaled luxury. The ballroom, which seats up to 180 guests, is adjacent to the conservatory for ease of access to both food and beverages. The conservatory is a simple yet charming space that meets all of the guests’ culinary needs. It both provides an area for dinner buffets and desserts to occupy and houses a bar that serves the bride and groom’s beverages of choice.

West Gardens

Resting peacefully between The Estate House and the Ceremony Meadow, the lush greenery of the West Gardens offers a halcyon escape from the world’s cares. Surrounded by several different types of ivies, Emerald Green cypresses, and towering Crepe Myrtles, you will find tranquility in our gardens. These gardens provide a perfect and natural background for both the Manor and the Ceremony Meadow.

The Cottages

Our luxurious on-site cottages provide special lodging options for the newly married couple and their guests. Matching robes and breakfast on your first morning as Mr. and Mrs. are just a few of the wonderful amenities offered in the newly-renovated and cozy Honeymoon Cottage. Adjacent to the manor and ceremony pavilion, the Stable Cottage is the perfect lodging option for family, friends, or members of the bridal party. This quaint country house features a living area, a loft, and a kitchenette,  and comfortable sleeps 6 guests. 

The Estate Rooms

These illustrious rooms lie on the upper floor of the manor, providing a luxurious aura to its distinguished guests. There are three rooms in total, Lavender Lush, The Jeffersonian, and Colonial Sage, each with a different design and aesthetic. The furniture that populates these spaces are authentic pieces from the 1890s that truly engulf the guest in West Manor’s period design. We offer these rooms as lodging options for wedding guests, or simply for those who seek to experience the opulence of West Manor Estates.

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